Executive Board Meeting Agenda PDF Print E-mail


March 14, 2016 @ Noon - UCPEA Office Conference Room

1. Call to Order

2. Acceptance of Minutes of March 31, 2016 and April 7, 2016

3. Additions to the Agenda

4. New Business

a. FOIA request (K. Sanner)

b. AFT-CT Reimbursement for Rally Expenses (C. Morrell)

c. UCPEA Office Summer Schedule

d. 2017 40th Anniversary of UCPEA

5. Old Business

a. Mobilization Committee - AFT-CT Assistance

b. Alternative Investment Vehicles (G. Russo)

c. Annual Reports Due

d. Unionist of the Year

e. UCPEA Agency Fee Update: C. Morrell

6. Reports

a. President's Report

b. Staff Reports

i. Elizabeth Sullivan

ii. Sean Shields

iii. Lindsay Jenkelunas

iiii. Chuck Morrell

c. Officers' Reports

7. Good and Welfare

8. Adjournment


Next Meeting: April 21 @ Noon, UCPEA Office Conference Room