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Dear Colleague:

On behalf of the University of Connecticut Professional Employees Association (UCPEA), which has represented the professional staff at UConn since 1972, I welcome you to the University of Connecticut.

UCPEA is the exclusive bargaining agent for more than 1,870 professional staff at UConn. Per state statutes, payment of dues, or collective bargaining service fees, to your exclusive bargaining agent is a required condition of employment. Membership, however, is your choice.

You can become a member by completing a Payroll Deduction Authorization/Membership card, checking the appropriate box and returning it to the UCPEA office. For information please contact the UCPEA office.
By signing and returning a membership card, you will immediatley gain access to all union benefits and events, and are eligible to vote on union matters. Connecticut General statutes (sec. 5-280) permit you to choose to join our association or you may choose to be a non-member (agency fee payer). Agency fee payers cannot vote in UCPEA elections or on contractual matters, and cannot attend UCPEA social functions. In either case, the amount deducted for your paycheck is the same. We hope you will choose to have a say in how your dues are spent, and take an active role with UCPEA.
As a 35+ year employee of UConn, I have found the working environment to be positive, most of our students outstanding, and the institution one that makes the citizens of our state proud. I encourage you to be an active member of our community and of our association and to take advantage of the programs and services we offer our members.
Welcome again and best of luck in your professional career at UConn.


Kathleen Sanner